The company

MiQralon AB/ LTd

         has a devoted passion for the piano both musically and technically. MiQralon has developed CONCERT VEIL anti-reflection for just over 4 years and has set the requirements and quality very high for this product. In 2019 we managed to get a patent for Concert Veil. The company is simultaneously developing more upcoming products for keyboard instruments, together with CHALMERS - Gothenburg, but it is a very challenging task.

Concert Veil

Tailored for a concert stage

We have thought based on you who will handle this cover on stage!

The hanger

With this adapted hanger for Concert Veil you put on and remove the cover from the grand piano faster and more easily. When not using the cover it hangs gently on its hanger.

The embroidery

With help of our partner, the customer's text is embroidered on the so-called "Flap."

The story behind the product

Events along our way...

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