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a new grand piano cover

Concert Veil

       When the concert stage is lit with stage spots there is a big risk of irritating light reflections via shiny objects on stage. The beautiful concert grand with its high-gloss lid is an object that cause annoying flashes of light.
       For orchestra members on stage the unpleasant light reflections around the conductor, coming from the shiny raised piano lid, are a problem every time the instrument is used.
Irritating light reflections grand piano lid

       Without any cover on the lid members of the orchestra bothered these light reflections very intensely. Throughout concerts the musicians in the orchestra are forced to parry these stressful light reflections above or next to the conductor.

Grand piano

       In a unique way the Concert Veil anti-reflection resolves situations involving annoying light reflections from a raised grand piano lid. The cover is placed on the grand pianos lid and covers all light-reflecting surfaces of it in a fast and smooth way. Constantly and reliably the Concert Veil remains in place on the sloping and extremely smooth piano lid when it has to be alternately raised and lowered during rehearsals and concerts.

Grand piano

       The text on the so-called "Flap" is an option. The content of the embroidery text is determined by the client. This line of text acts as information for TV viewers at television recordings or live broadcasts.

       Fold over the "Flap" and the gold ribbon will no longer be visible, only a large black resting surface.

Irritating light reflections grand piano lid

       The  Concert Veil here in its standard design without text only a  discreet      gold ribbon.

Irritating light reflections grand piano lid

       Has the lid been scratched? On an opened grand piano are often things and musical instruments placed which scratch and damages the lid. 

Irritating light reflections grand piano lid

       The Concert Veil protects the entire lid from damage and is a complement to the traditional covers which instead protect a closed grand piano.

Irritating light reflections grand piano lid

       The Concert Veil hangs gently on its custom hanger ready to be hunged in the closet or laid out on the grand piano.

hanger, lid, grand piano

Cooperation partner

       The renowned piano wholesale company Jahn Pianoteile, Germany has we the pleasure of having as an distributor, except ourselves, of Concert Veil.

Grand piano

       YouTube demonstration video

        Demo video - How to easily place the Concert Veil on the grand piano

Grand piano
Piano Congress in Warsaw
MiQralon AB/ Ltd took part in the excellent Piano Congress in Warsaw 2022!

Some snapshots from the Piano Congress...

A big thank you to all of you who visited our stand!

A quick way to cover the lid

covering - Grand piano Lid

Our 4 quick steps to remove light reflections

1. With help of the hanger you put the Concert Veil on the grand piano faster and more smoothly. When the Concert Veil is not used it hangs easily and gently on the same hanger.

2. Place the cover parallel to the grand piano hinge.


3. Fold over part of the lid of the grand piano. This part fixes the Concert Veil to the lid.

4. Finally, fold over part of the Concert Veil. All done, set up the lid, the concert can begin!


Not visible to the audience, lid, grand piano

The Concert Veil cannot be seen by the audience in front of the grand piano and behind it now no longer dazzles the orchestra members.